Petric Foundation


The Vlada Petrić Foundation is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the life and work of Vlada Petrić (1928-2019), Luce Chair of Cinema at Harvard University and co-founder of the Harvard Film Archive. The Foundation’s main focus is on research into Vlada Petrić’s writings and lecturing on film theory, history and aesthetics, as well as on the wide variety of his interests – from art in general to new technologies. The Foundation organises a variety of initiatives including publishing, symposia, research, it funds awards and grants, and more. Our partners in these endeavors are the Harvard Film Archive and the Yugoslav Film Archive. The Foundation also collaborates with other film and art institutions, organizations, and individuals including academics, film scholars, curators, and filmmakers. Furthermore, it has implemented an acquisitions policy to regularly enhance the Vlada Petric Collection at the Harvard Film Archive with new items to provide essential materials for researchers.

Board of Trustees

Aleksandar Lekić


Nikola Jelovac


Katya Smirnofa

Board Member

John N. Lipsitz

Board Member