Kinopravda Institute is a factory of ideas exploring the various horizons of cinematic arts in the 21st century. Through a multidisciplinary program that operates along the axis of research-curation the Institute develops and presents creative work for audiences both offline and online. Kinopravda Institute is an independent initiative of the Vlada Petrić Foundation, based in Belgrade, Serbia and operating internationally.

Kinopravda Institute derives its name from the film series by legendary Soviet filmmaker and theorist Dziga Vertov. KINOPRAVDA is a double-homage, also to Vlada Petrić who was Henry Luce Chair of Cinema at Harvard University, and whose namesake foundation provides support for the Institute. Petrić’s book Constructivism in Film is the defining English-language monograph on Vertov’s life and work.


Vlada Petrić


The life and work of Vlada Petrić, Henry Luce Chair of Cinema at Harvard University and co-founder of the Harvard Film Archive.



Books, essays and articles written by Vlada Petrić.



Films, videos and television programs directed by Vlada Petrić.



November 2022 marks the three year anniversary of the passing of Vlada Petric

I worked as Vlada Petric’s assistant in his courses at Harvard University.  These courses were superior presentations about film as a special medium, not only different from other artistic forms such as literature and theater, but especially different from other visual arts like painting. For example, he focused on the specific capacity of the film medium to present movement in single scenes as well as the conscious juxtaposition of different scenes in sequence to emphasize form and content.

Petric also shared with his students his impressive and vast knowledge of films from many different countries and periods, pointing out the unique features of each film produced under the influence of the particular historical context in which it was produced.   

– Roberta Reeder,   Venice, November 2nd 2022