November 2021 marks the two year anniversary of the passing of Vlada Petric

I met Vlada for the first time when I became the chairman of New York University’s Department of Cinema Studies. I can’t remember exactly how it began, but Vlada and his wife, Dara, became close friends of me and my wife, Miriam. We often visited each other in our homes. I also invited Vlada to speak at New York’s Museum of Modern Art when I became head of the Film Department, and Vlada invited me to speak at Harvard. My wife and I grieved when we learned of Dara’s stroke while she and Vlada were in Belgrade, which we realized meant not only the impossibility of travel from Belgrade, but also that they would have to sell their Cambridge apartment and give away many of their possessions. We flew to Belgrade to see them. It was a bitter sweet visit because we knew it was the last time we would all be together. When Vlada walked away at that last night of goodbyes, I could tell from his back that he was sobbing, as were we. When I learned of Vlada’s death, I felt that a piece of me had disappeared. I miss him.

[Ted Perry, Middlebury, US]